On-The-Job Training (OJT)/Work Experience (WEX)

On-the-Job Training (OJT) as well as Work Experience (WEX) can be a critical tool in helping workers and communities recover from the effects of the economic downturn by providing critical WIOA services.

OJT includes strategies to serve dislocated workers with barriers to re-employment, one being long term unemployment. People who lost manufacturing jobs that went overseas or in other fields of employment have the opportunity to learn new occupational skills through OJT.
OJT offers participants an opportunity to learn new skills and earn a regular paycheck. For employers, OJT offers the unique opportunity to offset initial training costs to fill skilled positions.

The Work Experience Program (WEX) is designed to allow participants to gain knowledge and experience through a particular work setting or occupation for wages, stipends, or internships.

The WEX Program is operated through adult and dislocated worker formula dollars. The program can be utilized by adults and dislocated workers; however, its target population is offenders and at-risk youth.

The WEX program prepares workers — particularly adult and youth offenders and at-risk youth — for good jobs by helping ex-offenders and youth at-risk of criminal behavior to obtain employment and/or training in industries and occupations that offer good wages and opportunities for advancement, providing opportunities for them to gain skills and knowledge that will prepare them to succeed in a knowledge-based economy through the attainment of industry-recognized credentials, and helping participants in low-wage jobs or out or the labor market find a path to better employment through partnerships with the workforce system and the use of employer tax credits and the Federal Bonding program.

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